Downloading Mobileconfig data (Re: automx2 v2019.0)

Ralph Seichter automx2 at
Sat Jan 25 00:24:22 CET 2020

* M. Koehler:

> I talk about the landing page of automx there I could enter email
> name, address and optional a password to generate a mobileconfig
> which I could download.

The current landing page is just a stub. I created a ticket[1] for that,
which is why I pointed you to GitLab in my last email. Feel free to add
a comment listing your ideas.


As for downloading Mobileconfig data, you can already use URLs of the
following form:

Note that due to security concerns there is deliberately no support for
specifying a password in the URL. HTTP GET requests will routinely get
logged on the server side.


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