automx2 v2019.0

Wolfgang Rosenauer wolfgang at
Fri Jan 3 11:58:40 CET 2020

Am 02.01.20 um 19:30 schrieb Ralph Seichter:
> * Wolfgang Rosenauer:
>> I'm not sure if and how migration of my setup would look like while it
>> appears relatively simple being a static configuration.
> As mentioned in the documentation[1], I have added an utility script
> that generates the necessary SQL commands for a simple setup as you have
> shown. Remember to adapt the "user configurable section" according to
> your needs.

I've seen it but as mentioned it didn't answer all my questions.
Also I'm still not sure how to represent the possibility to offer IMAP via
STARTTLS and TLS with one of it preferred. Would it work just by making sure the
database uid is smaller and therefore found first and put into the XML?

 >> Also the caldav, carddav, and ox services only are supported in the
>> autodiscover protocol. Just from an unexperienced view on the code I'm
>> not sure how and if this is currently possible.
> Patrick made a specific note in the documentation[2] that only mailbox
> configuration is supported. To be precise, that means IMAP and SMTP only
> at this point in time.
> This is probably not what you wanted to hear, but I hope that the
> information at least saves you from searching for features that are
> currently unavailable in automx2.

So currently I understand automx2 is no replacement for my system running automx.
In that case my open questions are fully summarized by Dan in the other new
thread just to understand what the roadmap is for automx2.


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