Update on stats 2023-01

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at dukhovni.org
Wed Feb 1 05:13:09 CET 2023

Summary:  The DANE domain count is now 3,684,357 (c.f. 3,733,547 last
          month).  The drop resulted from a loss of DS records at
          webreus.nl (~40k customer domains) and partial migration
          to new non-TLSA MX hosts at mijndomein.nl (~22k customer
          domains).  Perhaps either or both may yet restore their
          DS and TLSA records, respectively.

          The number of domains that return DNSSEC-validated replies in
          response to MX queries is 21,002,701 (up from 20,675,170 last
          month).  Thus DANE TLSA is deployed on ~17.54% of domains with
          DNSSEC.  For more stats, see <https://stats.dnssec-tools.org/>.
          [ See the Credits[0] list below my signature. ]

As of today, I count ~3.68 million domains with correct SMTP DANE TLSA records
at every primary MX host that accepts connections[1].  As expected, the bulk of
the DANE domains are hosted by the DNS/email hosting providers who've enabled
DANE support for the customer domains they host.  The top 20 MX host providers
by domain count are below.

  This month                   Last Month
  ----------                   ----------
  1214586 one.com              1214177 one.com
   288282 hostpoint.ch          286784 hostpoint.ch
   195874 infomaniak.ch         195060 infomaniak.ch
   167120 transip.nl            182438 mijndomein.nl
   160940 mijndomein.nl         166314 transip.nl
   153033 argewebhosting.nl     154096 argewebhosting.nl
   136256 simply.com            134199 simply.com
   123192 jouwweb.nl            118030 jouwweb.nl
   111941 hostnet.nl            111945 hostnet.nl
   108874 domeneshop.no         108682 domeneshop.no
   105109 loopia.se             104887 loopia.se
    94171 webhostingserver.nl    94600 webhostingserver.nl
    80000 forpsi.com             79127 forpsi.com
    68284 zxcs.nl                67139 zxcs.nl
    43363 active24.com           46886 active24.com
    39704 antagonist.nl          39610 webreus.nl
    37051 protonmail.ch          39483 antagonist.nl
    32693 pcextreme.nl           34977 protonmail.ch
    29232 xel.nl                 32983 pcextreme.nl
    27564 udmedia.de             29297 xel.nl

The real numbers are surely larger, because I don't have access to the
full zone data for most ccTLDs, especially .br, .cz, .fr, .eu, .no, .be,
.pl, .de and .uk.  Speaking of countries, the IPv4 GeoIP distribution of
DANE-enabled MX hosts shows the below top 20 countries (each unique IP
address is counted, so multi-homed MX hosts are perhaps somewhat

  This month                Last month
  -----------               ----------
  10726 TOTAL               10595 TOTAL
   3284 DE, Germany          3209 DE, Germany
   1882 NL, Netherlands      1891 NL, Netherlands
   1856 US, United States    1833 US, United States
    808 FR, France            799 FR, France
    396 CZ, Czechia           388 CZ, Czechia
    358 GB, United Kingdom    362 GB, United Kingdom
    241 FI, Finland           235 FI, Finland
    222 CA, Canada            221 CA, Canada
    160 AT, Austria           153 AT, Austria
    137 SE, Sweden            135 SE, Sweden
    136 CH, Switzerland       134 CH, Switzerland
    133 DK, Denmark           132 DK, Denmark
    128 AU, Australia         122 SG, Singapore
    122 SG, Singapore         120 AU, Australia
     76 PL, Poland             72 PL, Poland
     60 RU, Russia             58 JP, Japan
     57 JP, Japan              57 RU, Russia
     47 IT, Italy              47 NO, Norway
     45 NO, Norway             42 BR, Brazil
     42 BR, Brazil             38 IE, Ireland

IPv6 is less common than IPv4 for MX hosts, and the top 20 countries by
DANE MX host IPv6 GeoIP are:

  This month               Last month
  ----------               ----------
  8396 TOTAL               8339 TOTAL
  3651 NL, Netherlands     3666 NL, Netherlands
  2312 DE, Germany         2330 DE, Germany
   855 US, United States    860 US, United States
   398 FR, France           406 FR, France
   183 CZ, Czechia          175 CZ, Czechia
   173 GB, United Kingdom   162 GB, United Kingdom
   156 AU, Australia         77 CA, Canada
    77 CA, Canada            74 FI, Finland
    76 FI, Finland           67 AU, Australia
    61 CH, Switzerland       64 CH, Switzerland
    56 AT, Austria           56 SE, Sweden
    53 SE, Sweden            54 AT, Austria
    46 SG, Singapore         44 SG, Singapore
    36 JP, Japan             36 JP, Japan
    22 DK, Denmark           23 EE, Estonia
    21 NO, Norway            21 NO, Norway
    19 RO, Romania           21 IE, Ireland
    18 IE, Ireland           21 DK, Denmark
    17 BR, Brazil            17 BR, Brazil
    14 LT, Lithuania         15 LT, Lithuania

There are 9,201 unique zones (9,144 last month) in which the underlying
MX hosts are found.  This counts each of the above providers as just one
zone, so is a measure of the breadth of adoption in terms of
organizations deploying DANE SMTP.

The number of published MX host TLSA RRsets found is 19,488 (19,380 last
month).  These cover 19,784 distinct MX hosts (19,675 last month, some
MX hosts share the same TLSA records through CNAMEs).

The number of DANE domains that at some point were listed in Gmail's
email transparency report is 846 (this is my ad-hoc criterion for a
domain being a large-enough actively used email domain).  Of these, 530
are in recent (last 90 days of) reports (see [2] below my signature).

Of the ~3.68 million DANE domains, 13,046 (13,107 last month) have
"partial" TLSA records, that cover only a subset of the (secondary) MX
hosts.  While this protects traffic to some of the MX hosts, such
domains are still vulnerable to the usual active attacks via the
remaining MX hosts.

The number of domains with incorrect TLSA records or failure to offer
STARTTLS (even though TLSA records are published) stands today at 1,366
(1,320 last month).  Some of these have additional MX hosts that don't
have broken TLSA records, so mail can still arrive via the remaining MX
hosts.  The affected domain counts for the top 10 problem MX hosts are:

  103   mail.blueconsulting.cz
   56   vps01.marcus.services
   37   mx1.mdbraber.com
   31   mx1.synetcon.net
   24   fsn1-c04.xemo-net.de
   18   semark.dk
   17   mx1.traxion.com
   17   mx01.xworks.net
   16   mail.odissee.net
   15   artemis.strebsjig.net

To avoid email outages, please make sure to monitor the validity of your
own TLSA records, and implement a reliable key rotation procedure.  See:



After eliminating parked domains that do not accept email, the number of
"real" email domains with bad DNSSEC support stands at 3,237 (1,076 last
month).  The top 10 name server operators with problem domains are:

  This Month            Last month
  ----------            ----------
  2182 neostrada.nl     148 swizzonic.ch [promptly fully resolved!]
   140 worldnic.com     134 worldnic.com
   115 dnssrv.nl        106 epik.com
   102 online.net        95 axc.nl
    90 axc.nl            73 ebola.cz
    89 epik.com          61 openprovider.nl
    73 ebola.cz          29 made-easy.ch
    61 openprovider.nl   20 register.com
    39 fgov.be           18 sectigoweb.com
    20 register.com      12 ispapi.net

If anyone has good contacts at some of these providers, please encourage
them to remediate not only the broken domains (I can send them a list),
but also the root cause that makes the breakage possible.

Just two of the domains whose nameservers have broken denial of
existence appears in the last 120 days of Google transparency reports:

    belgium.be  <https://twitter.com/VDukhovni/status/1614455503978889217>


[0] Credits: The coverage of DNSSEC domains continues to improve with
ongoing data support from Paul Vixie of Farsight Security.  Credits also
due to ICANN for gTLD data via CZDS, and to the TLD registries for .CH,
.COM, .DK, .FI, .FR, .INFO, .IS, .LI, .NL, .NU, .ORG and .SE.  More data
sources of ccTLD signed delegations welcome.

[1] Some domains deliberately include MX hosts that are always down,
presumably as a hurdle to botnet SMTP code that gives up where real MTAs
might persist.  I am not a fan of this type of defence (it can also
impose undue latency on legitimate email).  However, provided the dead
hosts still have TLSA records, (which don't need to match anything, just
need to exist and be well-formed) there's no loss of security.

[2] DANE domains appearing in last 90 days of Google Email transparency

univie.ac.at             lrz.de                   home.nl
gmx.at                   mail.de                  hostingpeople.nl
vbv.at                   mailstoyou.de            hostnet.nl
boozyshop.be             mensa.de                 ijsselstein.nl
register.bg              mpg.de                   interim-netwerk.nl
cetelemnegocie.com.br    posteo.de                josephinajewelry.nl
e-negociacao.com.br      ruhr-uni-bochum.de       kiesrijk.nl
e-renegocie.com.br       smartwatcharmbaender.de  kralingsebosfestival.nl
defesa.gov.br            tum.de                   lico.nl
nic.br                   tutanota.de              luxiez.nl
registro.br              uni-augsburg.de          mail-studio.nl
activfitness-news.ch     uni-bielefeld.de         mailmore.nl
blackout-bonusclub.ch    uni-erlangen.de          mailon.nl
cbd420.ch                uni-kl.de                mailplus.nl
docks.ch                 uni-muenchen.de          managementboek.nl
empiriconmails.ch        vicinityclo.de           markteffectmail.nl
escalade.ch              web.de                   mcmta.nl
gmx.ch                   westlotto.de             messen.nl
handy-abovergleich.ch    allbuy.dk                mijndomein.nl
hostpoint.ch             annes-atelier.dk         mijnhypotheekonline.nl
infomaniak.ch            attode.dk                minbzk.nl
msochrono.ch             australian-bodycare.dk   mindef.nl
open.ch                  avabeauty.dk             mm1.nl
protonmail.ch            bambustoej.dk            mulderretail.nl
sherlockhomes.ch         barons.dk                netpoint.nl
sms-gagnant.ch           calisweats.dk            netpointfactoring.nl
switch.ch                danielspengetips.dk      nieuwsservice-rvo.nl
youcinema.ch             dfi.dk                   noties.nl
ravenation.club          dinhstore.dk             ns.nl
santeglobale.club        dinvintageshop.dk        nuudcare.nl
bionoble.co              dk-hostmaster.dk         ongehoordnederland.nl
simplelogin.co           exoticmix.dk             orangebag.nl
3dsmx.com                fibianet.dk              otys.nl
albourne.com             fitnessudsalg.dk         ouderenfonds.nl
also.com                 foraeldresparring.dk     ouderportaal.nl
anonaddy.com             gastrotools.dk           overheid.nl
appliedgo.com            globestudios.dk          oxilionhosted.nl
azgop.com                incover.dk               parlement.nl
beaconx.com              innoliving.dk            partijvoordedieren.nl
bymalina.com             ixstudioscph.dk          partnermail.nl
cm.com                   juliesandlau.dk          paypro.nl
collarofsweden.com       kodbilen.dk              petsgifts.nl
colourfulrebel.com       konkurspriser.dk         petsonline.nl
connectsb.com            kystfisken.dk            ploegendienst-festival.nl
dailyplaylists.com       labelking.dk             podiumcadeaukaart.nl
datev.com                lacabra.dk               politie.nl
exegy.com                mobilcovers.dk           pp-prd.nl
fabfilter.com            musclehouse.dk           previder.nl
farmergracy.com          netic.dk                 prorun-mail.nl
fastware-hosting.com     nfinitybeauty.dk         quicknet.nl
flaneurhomme.com         nimara.dk                rdw.nl
frequentis.com           nordd.dk                 rechtspraak.nl
gmx.com                  nota.dk                  rijksoverheid.nl
goodforme.com            opdagverden.dk           rivm.nl
groed.com                peterhald.dk             rvo.nl
habr.com                 qknives.dk               sans-mail.nl
hedon.com                rmc.dk                   schoudercom.nl
highcharts.com           sengefabrikken.dk        schuurman-schoenen.nl
imcnig.com               seniornews.dk            shampoobars.nl
infomaniak.com           shapeit.dk               smartwatchbanden.nl
ingthink.com             shellcard.dk             sportrusten.nl
isistrade.com            soelvstein.dk            ssonet.nl
johnbeerens.com          stil.dk                  stater.nl
jula.com                 stori.dk                 surf.nl
kabayarefashion.com      themeatclub.dk           teamq14.nl
kantarresearch.com       thesneakerstore.dk       telefoonglaasje.nl
klbrlive.com             tricommerce.dk           teso.nl
leszexpertsfle.com       trueliving.dk            thealphamen.nl
librti.com               uvm.dk                   tno.nl
liefleven.com            venderbys.dk             transip.nl
mactabeauty.com          wavell.dk                travelclown.nl
mail.com                 yuaiahaircare.dk         triodos.nl
mailzerver.com           yummihaircare.dk         truetickets.nl
migadu.com               tilburguniversity.edu    tudelft.nl
mplbeauty.com            estet.ee                 tweedekamer.nl
nanolearning.com         turunduslabor.ee         twinq.nl
nine-pine.com            zone.ee                  uitgeverijpica.nl
one.com                  myownconference.email    upcmail.nl
orsys.com                spam-filter.email        uvt.nl
orverkiezing.com         spotler.email            uwv.nl
pieter-pot.com           talentech.email          valys.nl
pompomlondon.com         nuudcare.es              vimexx.nl
ppcpcv.com               triodos.es               voorpositiviteit.nl
protonmail.com           egu.eu                   vpo.nl
protonvpn.com            finesoftware.eu          vunzigedeuntjes.nl
renworkshops.com         litebit.eu               watchbandjes-shop.nl
run-motion.com           skhosting.eu             waternet.nl
sankakucomplex.com       tbibank.eu               winterlake.nl
scorecloud.com           zone.eu                  woongarantvolmacht.nl
serverclienti.com        zonevs.eu                ziggo.nl
solvinity.com            fsol.fi                  zorgmail.nl
stasdock.com             handelsbanken.fi         annabellstefanussen.no
stater.com               tarjousrinki.fi          bergengokart.no
stellarequipment.com     traficom.fi              domeneshop.no
t-2.com                  ac-strasbourg.fr         guttelus.no
thalesgroup.com          compagnie-des-sens.fr    handelsbanken.no
thepcw.com               edtm-actu.fr             hyttefeber.no
thepcwholesale.com       mastouille.fr            idrettenonline.no
triodos.com              nuudcare.fr              infinityshop.no
truewaykids.com          oo2.fr                   lagerpriser.no
tutanota.com             privea.fr                malestudio.no
unionnearme.com          waveisland.fr            marikrogshus.no
up2staff.com             tid.gov.hk               mystuff.no
veganallsorts.com        fidesz.hu                nordicprint.no
veka.com                 pandi.id                 norskgrammatikk.no
vendiblelabs.com         bluebiz.info             raskebriller.no
vivaldi.com              eurocontrol.int          rushtrampoline.no
webcruiter.com           neolink.link             spillfabrikken.no
webmailph.com            anonaddy.me              storytravel.no
xfinity.com              pm.me                    tickettothemoon.no
xfinityhomesecurity.com  proton.me                uib.no
xfinitymobile.com        army.mil                 viphuset.no
your-site.com            dla.mil                  atelkamera.nu
bncr.fi.cr               health.mil               goget.nu
airbank.cz               jten.mil                 lenhud.nu
akce-incomputer.cz       mail.mil                 debian.org
amenit.cz                navy.mil                 freebsd.org
bewooden.cz              osd.mil                  gentoo.org
csob.cz                  socom.mil                ietf.org
csobstavebni.cz          uscg.mil                 irtf.org
cuni.cz                  usmc.mil                 isc.org
dedra.cz                 bleucitron.net           mailbox.org
e-kondomy.cz             comcast.net              mailop.org
fio.cz                   ewetel.net               netbsd.org
hellspy.cz               ficbook.net              openssl.org
hypotecnibanka.cz        fivem.net                ozlabs.org
itesco.cz                gmx.net                  p8x.org
kb.cz                    habramail.net            samba.org
klenotyaurum.cz          hr-manager.net           torproject.org
klubpevnehozdravi.cz     jonaharagon.net          kemono.party
ksporting.cz             mijngezondheid.net       brebank.com.pl
manymail.cz              mpssec.net               mobily.com.sa
maxmax.cz                procurios.net            arbetsformedlingen.se
mbank.cz                 ripe.net                 atlasrock.se
mfcr.cz                  riseup.net               bilprovningen.se
mkluzkoviny.cz           t-2.net                  bollnas.se
mojedatovaschranka.cz    123watches.nl            damernasmagasin.se
muni.cz                  africanfabs.nl           ecster.se
mzv.cz                   amsterdam.nl             frederikbagger.se
nic.cz                   aquastorexl.nl           geflemetalfestival.se
o2.cz                    artsenzorg.nl            handelsbanken.se
optimail.cz              bankhoesdiscounter.nl    hellomantle.se
outlet-alpine.cz         belastingdienst.nl       innebandy24.se
patentnimedicina.cz      beterinbeleggen.nl       lansstyrelsen.se
poptavej.cz              beterspellen.nl          lnu.se
pre.cz                   bhosted.nl               lomervarde.se
predplatit.cz            bhsupport.nl             loopia.se
scrptd.cz                bit.nl                   merchsweden.se
server4u.cz              blushfashionstore.nl     minmyndighetspost.se
shopex.cz                bobo.nl                  nordicprint.se
smtp.cz                  body-supplies.nl         polisen.se
stoklasa.cz              boekwinkeltjes.nl        skatteverket.se
sukl.cz                  bolerolimonadewinkel.nl  skolverket.se
trilimi.cz               boozyshop.nl             sunet.se
vas-server.cz            bratsites-grs.nl         teknikdelar.se
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elster.de                dorcas.nl                simpcity.su
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fau.de                   efactuurdirect.nl        handelsbanken.co.uk
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jpberlin.de              haargroeispecialist.nl   ru.ac.za
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lmu.de                   hobbygigant.nl

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