Gmail outbound stats to DANE-enabled domains

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at
Mon Nov 13 05:42:30 CET 2017

Back in March I wrote:

> A different metric is how many of the DANE-enabled domains received
> email from at least 10 Gmail senders in a recent 8 day interval.
> Back in Dec/2016 I reported that ~2200 out of ~105k domains met
> that criterion.  This month, the number was ~3900 out of ~137k
> domains.  So it seems that a non-negligible fraction of the increase
> is from real domains that receive email, and not just parked domains.

This "metric" is made available to me informally, so I avoid asking
too frequently.  The latest update shows:

    | total_domains | mail_from_5_senders | gt_50_msgs |
    | 173181        | 13393               | 2076       |

which uses a slightly different "cut-off" of 5 senders rather than
10, so we don't have a direct comparison, but this should be the
metric going forward.  We we have > 13k domains that get traffic
from multiple senders, and > 2k domains with evidence of sustained
traffic (over the 8 day sample size).

Just in case this is not clear, Gmail is not presently using DANE
outbound, rather I send them a list of DANE domains from time to
time, and get back the above numbers.


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