UI for database mail account configuration data?

Ralph Seichter automx2 at seichter.de
Tue Oct 19 16:04:48 CEST 2021

* Admin Beckspaced:

> Autodiscover and Windows Mail / Outlook no success.
> But it's written in the docs that it is currently not supported.

To clarify: automx2 works fine for older versions of Outlook which use
XML-based configuration data. I am lacking proper documentation about
the latest, JSON-based method, and I am unwilling to pay for membership
in the Microsoft developer program just to get access to that particular

> Did also try Samsung S20 with Samsung Mail App without any success.

I have never heard of this particular mail app before and don't know if
it even supports any form of autoconfig?

> Are there any plans to develop further and add support to more
> clients?

If by "more clients" you mean "additional autoconfig protocols": Which
ones do you have in mind? I can't think of any off the top of my
head. Generally speaking, I would ask the following questions, in no
particular order:

  1. Do I personally need the additional protocol?

  2. Is there a sufficiently wide user base that would benefit from me
     supporting the protocol?

  3. Is the full protocol specification readily available, free of

  4. Do I have access to the devices and/or software necessary to test
     my implementation?

As I am sure you can understand, I don't plan to spend my own money on
getting access to specifications, soft- or hardware beyond what I need,
and my current use cases are already covered by Autodiscover and
Mobileconfig. That's why I mentioned sponsorship.


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