Announcing automx2 release 2021.5

Lars Täuber taeuber at
Tue Oct 5 07:51:57 CEST 2021

Hello Ralph,

thanks for your effort and support for open source software. Do you plan to support LDAP in the near future?


Mon, 04 Oct 2021 18:18:41 +0200
Ralph Seichter <automx2 at> ==> automx-users at :
> Changes in release 2021.5 include:
> 1. The Mobileconfig generator acts smarter when choosing among multiple
> servers defined in the database.
> 2. Attributes mapped to VARCHAR columns in the DB now define column
> sizes. This resolves a problem when combining SQLAlchemy with MySQL 8.
> 3. automx2 now logs a deprecation error message when unable to determine
> whether or not a user-defined socket type uses encrypted communication,
> i.e. for types other than SSL and STARTTLS.
> Starting in a yet to be determined future release, automx2 will handle
> unknown socket types as hard errors, and users are therefore encouraged
> change their DB entries.
> See also:
> -Ralph

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