automx2 distribution packaging

David Mehler dave.mehler at
Wed Jan 8 18:03:28 CET 2020


Very glad to see automx2!

Question, is there going to be a FreeBSD port? I'm using it locally on
a Debian vm, but my production mail server is FreeBSD-based.


On 1/6/20, Ralph Seichter <automx2 at> wrote:
> * Wolfgang Rosenauer:
>> since I manage my systems via package management if at all possible
>> I worked a bit on RPM packaging (primarily for openSUSE) here:
>> Packages for openSUSE are there and should pretty much work integrated
>> together with Apache.
> That's very good to hear, thank you for providing this. Patrick, that is
> probably an issue for your next round of documentation updates?
> I have recently created a Gentoo Linux ebuild [1] myself and plan to
> provide a MacPorts port as well. If any of you have prepared additional
> packages, please announce them here on this mailing list.
> [1]
> -Ralph

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