automx2 distribution packaging

Wolfgang Rosenauer wolfgang at
Mon Jan 6 09:44:35 CET 2020


I understand that automx2 has a certain preference of deployment model
which is based on python's venv.

But since I manage my systems via package management if at all possible
I worked a bit on RPM packaging (primarily for openSUSE) here:

Packages for openSUSE are there and should pretty much work integrated
together with Apache.

For that I created a hopefully generally usable Apache configuration:
and a systemd unit:

For the earlier automx version I have/had packages also working for
RHEL/CentOS and Debian but now due to the grown Python requirements and
the fact that I'm not very familiar the python ecosystems there are
currently no packages for those available. If anyone wants to help here
feel free to submit changes in the buildservice or contact me directly.

When more complete the package could be injected into the buildservices
server:mail component with repos for RHEL, SUSE, and Debian.

If there is interest in the systemd unit and Apache config they can be
probably injected into the contrib directory.


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