automatically manage Certificates, TLSA, DKIM

Stefan Helmert helst_listen at
Wed Nov 21 18:27:31 CET 2018


currently I am working on a project enabling interleaved renew of certificates, updating TLSA and DKIM records and reload of services:

main project      -
pypi package      -
on pypi           -
test vm           -

There are dependencies:

interface to dns  -
pypi package      -
on pypi           -
dehydrated        -
-> included in cryptdomainmgr
logging (package) -
on pypi           -

I also created a demo application using it:

mailserver w. crm -
(sorry, exchange autodiscover is not implemented yet)

Feel free to clone, fork, test, use, watch, star and contribute on github

Best regards

Stefan Helmert

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