dane.sys4.net IPv6 problem

Karol Augustin karol at augustin.pl
Sat Jan 20 14:56:20 CET 2018

On 2018-01-20 13:16, Jens Link wrote:
>> Is there any reason for blocking AWS IPv6?
> I don't think that AWS is blocked but IPv6 prefixes > 32 are. I have the
> same problem with my mail server which is an /48 PI.

Thanks, it explains it. I was using HE tunnel before and it was working
fine. Anyway that seems weird to me to block >32 prefixes especially if
the biggest cloud provider in the world is hit by that.


> Your IP is announced by AWS in a /38:
> # sh ipv6 route 2a05:d018:76d:5af6:d050:9b30:6bf7:df98
>   Routing entry for 2a05:d018:400::/38
>   Known via "bgp", distance 20, metric 0, best
>     Last update 04w0d01h ago
>     * fe80::e6aa:5dff:fe82:e001, via eth0
> And as a general tip:
> Use a TCP variant of traceropute, newer version have -T option for
> this and also try tracepath(6) so see if there are any MTU issuse.

Yeah, it was the first thing I have checked and there is no problems
with MTU.

> Jens

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