Validating an SMTP server

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Mon Sep 7 14:53:25 CEST 2015

Le 07/09/2015 14:09, Hoggins! a écrit :
> Hey there !
> I'm trying to validate my DANE records against my SMTP server, but I'm
> facing something that I cannot understand, because I believe I'm
> lacking some details about the validation failure : I'm trying to
> validate It gives me an error on the validator
> (, but I don't know what I
> need to change about that.
> Is there a way to be more verbose about the validation failure ? Maybe
> some client-side checking I can do manually ?
> Thanks.
>     Hoggins!

Well, it seems to be a false alarm. My peer just issued a posttls-finger
test with Postfix and the problem seems solved.
Maybe there are other validators in the sea ?



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