Deployment news ( publishes TLSA RRs)

Patrick Domack patrickdk at
Sat Nov 21 04:38:14 CET 2015

Quoting Viktor Dukhovni <ietf-dane at>:

> On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 09:48:43PM -0500, Patrick Domack wrote:
>> Yes, I have noticed it is a big movement in germany. Have had a lot of
>> people asking for help on setting up dane the last few months from there.
>> But can't get any movement that is noticable here in the usa.
> Perhaps we need a new protocol by which a TLS server can securely
> pre-publish the next certificate without activating it (say include
> it in a new TLS extension), thus allowing the DNS server operator
> to automate TLSA record updates by querying the SMTP server
> (authenticated via the current records).

That sounds pretty difficult to adjust for, and would need a lot of changes.

I like the current dnssec method, where we can publish multiple keys.  
I will generally publish a new key a month ahead of time for my ksk  
rollover, then rotate it, and then a month later remove the old key.

The same method could be done for tlsa, by publishing multiple  
records. I have not tested if any software accepts this or not, but  
just publishing the new one a week ahead of time, rotating it, and  
removing the old one at the same or later time (in case of failback),  
to me sounds like the perferred method.

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