DNS Hosting provider issues update (grdns.cz done)...

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at dukhovni.org
Wed Mar 18 10:15:46 CET 2015

Today grdns.cz fixed their 10 domains.  The known broken domain
count is now 74, and the top 8 list (30 domains total) is now:

  10 registry at binero.se
   5 hostmaster at dnscluster.nl
   4 hostmaster at thosting.cz
   3 beheer at metaregistrar.nl
   2 hostmaster at pretecno.it
   2 hostmaster at kniestdns.nl
   2 dns at aerohosting.cz
   2 admin at forpsi.net

The remaining 44 problem domains are "singletons", thus likely
self-hosted.  For some of the domains the problems are only seen
with a subset of the nameservers, so they mostly work.

I may post once more on this topic when binero.se fix their DNS.
After that, the long tail is noise we can largely ignore.

Ideally the numbers will continue to gradually shrink, but they
are low enough to not warrant further individual attention unless
perhaps some of the problem nameservers deploy a lot more DNSSEC-enabled
domains.  With a bit of luck they'll fix their software or firewalls
before they do that.


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