Setting up Dane again from start

Frank Fiene ffiene at
Wed Feb 11 12:07:40 CET 2015


just from start i did the following steps:

1.) Our DNS provider has secured the domain with DNSSEC:

2.) I’ve computed "openssl x509 -in -outform DER | openssl sha256“ the 256bit hash from the complete certificate chain which is used by Postfix as well.

3.) Our DNS provider has added this to the domain and has signed it again (no idea why there is a blank!).
	_*	3600	IN	TLSA	3 0 1 04459A87D803EE5D2450114C09E8370DC51B27716431378CFA5560E1 53AED957

4.) I am still getting the error

In TLSA 3 0 1 should be correct, right? I ma using the whole certificate chain for the hash, the same certificate file i’ve configured within Postfix.
_* should be also working!

So what might be the problem now?

Kind regards!
Frank Fiene
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