UI for database mail account configuration data?

Admin Beckspaced admin at beckspaced.com
Wed Oct 20 14:24:44 CEST 2021

> Becki,
> * Admin Beckspaced <admin at beckspaced.com>:
>> Yes, I know how frustrating it can get to find proper documentation.
>> Even if you're a member of the Microsoft Developer program it's sometimes
>> hard to find what you need.
>> Then what did work in Version x.1 doesn't work in version x.2 anymore ...
>> more searching in the docs ...  more frustration.
> what worked in automx1 doesn't work in automx2 because Microsoft changed the
> data structures and they won't tell what they did. What we know so far is,
> they switched from XML to JSON. But that's about all. If we'd known how to
> handle the JSON we'd had implemented it long ago.
>> Also not sure if Samsung Mail App supports any form of autoconfig?
>> Here's the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samsung.android.email.provider&hl=de&gl=US
>> By 'more clients' I meant more software clients.
>> I installed automx2 and then tested with
>> Thunderbird -> Works!
>> Windows Mail App -> No success
>> Samsung Mail App -> No success
>> Gmail App -> No sucess
>> Did not test earlier Outlook version as I don't have any installed.
>> Well ... I think I had the wrong impression that I just need to install
>> automx2 and then magically most email clients will receive the proper mail
>> config data.
> It used to be that way until MS changed the autoconfigure protocol. I was in
> contact with someone at Microsoft for about half a year, but in the end she
> wouldn't tell.
> p at rick

Hello p at rick,

thanks for your reply.

Yes, it's pretty hard to implement protocols from closed source and 
without any further information.

But there are some detectives on the net trying to figure things out:



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