UI for database mail account configuration data?

Admin Beckspaced admin at beckspaced.com
Wed Oct 20 09:38:06 CEST 2021

Am 19.10.2021 um 16:04 schrieb Ralph Seichter:
> * Admin Beckspaced:
>> Autodiscover and Windows Mail / Outlook no success.
>> But it's written in the docs that it is currently not supported.
> To clarify: automx2 works fine for older versions of Outlook which use
> XML-based configuration data. I am lacking proper documentation about
> the latest, JSON-based method, and I am unwilling to pay for membership
> in the Microsoft developer program just to get access to that particular
> information.
>> Did also try Samsung S20 with Samsung Mail App without any success.
> I have never heard of this particular mail app before and don't know if
> it even supports any form of autoconfig?
>> Are there any plans to develop further and add support to more
>> clients?
> If by "more clients" you mean "additional autoconfig protocols": Which
> ones do you have in mind? I can't think of any off the top of my
> head. Generally speaking, I would ask the following questions, in no
> particular order:
>    1. Do I personally need the additional protocol?
>    2. Is there a sufficiently wide user base that would benefit from me
>       supporting the protocol?
>    3. Is the full protocol specification readily available, free of
>       charge?
>    4. Do I have access to the devices and/or software necessary to test
>       my implementation?
> As I am sure you can understand, I don't plan to spend my own money on
> getting access to specifications, soft- or hardware beyond what I need,
> and my current use cases are already covered by Autodiscover and
> Mobileconfig. That's why I mentioned sponsorship.
> -Ralph

Hello Ralph,

thanks for your reply.

Yes, I know how frustrating it can get to find proper documentation.
Even if you're a member of the Microsoft Developer program it's 
sometimes hard to find what you need.
Then what did work in Version x.1 doesn't work in version x.2 anymore 
... more searching in the docs ...  more frustration.

Also not sure if Samsung Mail App supports any form of autoconfig?

Here's the link: 

By 'more clients' I meant more software clients.

I installed automx2 and then tested with

Thunderbird -> Works!
Windows Mail App -> No success
Samsung Mail App -> No success
Gmail App -> No sucess

Did not test earlier Outlook version as I don't have any installed.

Well ... I think I had the wrong impression that I just need to install 
automx2 and then magically most email clients will receive the proper 
mail config data.

Sorry for that!

And thanks for all your effort into automx2 and providing it to the public.

I also totally understand alll your points about providing additional 
clients & protocols.
Our time is precious and sometimes we better focus on other things.

Thanks again

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