UI for database mail account configuration data?

Ronny Boesger ronny at boesger.de
Mon Oct 18 08:44:55 CEST 2021


i think this has nothing to do with automx, really.

But perhaps postfixadmin is somewhat useful for you.
It really depends on your usecase and users.


Am 15.10.21 um 09:29 schrieb Admin Beckspaced:
> Dear automx2 users,
> came across automx2 via some postfix / dovecot mailing list.
> I'm currently in the process of installing and setting up automx2.
> Using mysql database as storage for mail account configuration data.
> Initialisation and sample data setup via URL works as described
> curl
> Is there a tool, apart from phpmyadmin, to manage mail account config data?
> Or does automx2 offer some CLI commands to add domains, provider, server?
> Any insights on how to manage mail account configuration data would be 
> awesome.
> thanks for providing automx2
> & keep up the good work you're doing :)
> Becki

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