automx2 ldap config example using mysql database

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Tue Jul 6 09:21:16 CEST 2021

On 05-07-2021 16:27, Ralph Seichter wrote:

thanks, that helped.

Is it possible to configure the ldap connection to use starttls instead
of ssl ?
and if so where do I configure the certificates,  I do not see how the
configuration of the old version of autoconf  can be rewritten


> * Ben Polman:
>> can anyone provide an example config using ldap.
>> How should the ldap_server table in mysql be filled ?
> Examples can be found on GitHub [1]. The exact column values for the
> 'ldapserver' table depend on what type of LDAP server and schema you
> chose for your users. The file sqlite-sample.sql shows an example entry
> for OpenLDAP with the 'posixAccount' object class (the latter uses
> attributes 'mail' and 'uid').
> [1]
>> And how do you combine this with the user_name field in the server
>> table ?
> If an LDAP server is configured for a given domain name, the column
> ldapserver.attr_uid specifies the LDAP attribute used to determine the
> user name; i.e. the value read from LDAP overrides server.user_name .
> As long as you specify a non-null value for user_name, it does not
> really matter which value you choose.
> -Ralph

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