Automx2 vs. automx

Dan Brown dan at
Fri Jan 3 00:52:38 CET 2020

It's good to see some new development on automx; the project had been
looking pretty much abandoned based on its GitHub repo.  But reviewing
the GitLab page for automx2 leaves me with a number of questions, as it
looks like a lot of functionality has been lost in the new version:

  * CalDav/CardDav have already been mentioned, and I understand they
    aren't there--are there plans for them to return?
  * Automx claimed to be able to retrieve a user's full name from LDAP
    (and probably other backends).  I wasn't able to get this working,
    but is this feature present in automx2?
  * A recent message indicates that .mobileconfig files can be
    generated, but they'll be unsigned.  Automx would sign them (though
    I wasn't able to make it include the intermediate cert, which caused
    errors).  Does automx2 support signing .mobileconfig profiles?

For the features that are missing, are there plans to bring them back,
or are they just gone?  Because right now, between the missing features
and the database-based configuration (I'm sure there's a good reason for
this change, but I can't think what it would be), I don't think I'm
seeing a reason to move from automx.  What am I missing?
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