automx2 v2019.0

Ralph Seichter automx2 at
Thu Jan 2 23:52:43 CET 2020

* M. Koehler:

> Could you please add an empty sqlite database file so the script will
> work ootb?

The database is created and filled with sample data when the "initdb"
Route is called for the first time, as described here[1].


The application landing page will also report a missing DB structure and
present an initialisation link.

> Most of my users are Mac user - is there a website to generate the
> mobileconfig files to configure iOS/OSX-Clients?

Looks like you have found one aspect of the documentation that is not
yet finished. ;-) To access macOS/iOS configuration profile data, call . You
will be presented with a warning that the profile is unsigned, but that
does not prevent you from using it.


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