Automx2 and ldap configuration

Ralph Seichter automx2 at
Wed Apr 15 22:23:36 CEST 2020

Please keep discussions on the mailing list, so that others may benefit
from and contribute to them. Thanks.

* Stephane Branchoux:

> Im am not database admin so it was not easy for me, sorry.

Frankly, you should not have to deal with the backed. Months ago, I
filed issues about introducing a stable API, and possibly (although it
is less important) a Web UI. Alas, world events have interfered, which
is also why my dear colleague (nudge, nudge) has not yet updated the
documentation as planned. Mobileconfig and LDAP support have not been
documented yet, so you need not apologise for floundering a bit.

> A last question : have you got a script to start / stop service flask
> or automx2 on Centos7 ?

I package a simple launcher script[1] which works with a Python virtual
environment. I have also created a Gentoo Linux package[2], but Gentoo
uses OpenRC while CentOS uses systemd. Perhaps somebody here has created
systemd support files?



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