automx and python3

Wolfgang Rosenauer wolfgang at
Sun Jun 30 13:23:42 CEST 2019


Am 27.06.19 um 07:58 schrieb Willi Burmeister:
> Hi everybody,
> on FreeBSD the default for python has just changed from python2 to python3.

I recently had to change my wsgi plugin Apache plugin to the Python3
variant to run another Python webservice.

> Now I'm getting these errors when using automx:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>  mod_wsgi (pid=22146, process='', application='server.dom.ain|/mobileconfig'): Failed to parse Python script file '/usr/local/share/automx/'.
>  mod_wsgi (pid=22146): Exception occurred processing WSGI script '/usr/local/share/automx/'.
>    File "/usr/local/share/automx/", line 57
>      except Exception, e:
>                      ^
>  SyntaxError: invalid syntax
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> So I think automx is not ready for python3.
> Any chance that automx will get support for python3?
> With python2 the software works really great and we are really happy
> for it.

Because of the reason above I switched from 0.10.2 to master and
reinstalled with Python3 dependencies.

I haven't seen that issue and from my preliminary tests everything seems
to work on Python 3.6.


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