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Is this listserv dead?

If there is no community for AUTOMX then I will probably just create a custom application than use it since that was my original plan.


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I am evaluating automx for potential use within our environment.  I have set up an instance of automx for testing and am looking into how we can implement some programming logic needed to get a correct response needed to support our different use-cases.

The general logic needed is-

1) User has provided a "username at" address

2) Query our LDAP server by the uid=username and retrieve the mailRoutingAddress attribute.

3) mailRoutingAddress will follow one of three rules-

  a) the "username at"

  b) an external "forwarding address" that has been assigned by the user (for example a gmail, a yahoo, etc)

  c) "username at" (in other words, an institution-specific Office 365 instance)

4) Based on the rules above, we need to send the correct response, respectively

  a) respond with settings for IMAP+SMTP email service (based off username, servername)

  b) don't send a response (or possibly fall back to settings using a different LDAP attribute)

  c respond with a redirect to Microsoft O365

I have read through the documentation and it appears it may be possible to do this using automx, but I am not sure yet.  The documentation referenced this listserv, so I thought I would ask.

Can anyone provide some insight into whether or not above would be possible, and if so, the general approach to go about it?  I can see it may require a combination of things (filters, custom scripts, LDAP, etc).

Thanks and Happy Holidays =)

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