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Tue Jan 27 17:21:03 CET 2015

>This would require some kind of user agent mapping

Right! This is what I mean.

Claudio Gremoli

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> Am 27.01.2015 um 16:27 schrieb Claudio Gremoli - Aruba.it
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> Sorry for my poor english.

My English is bad as well :-)

> My wish is to use different configuration on the base of kind of 
> client
> (e.g: pop3 protocol  for pc client, imap protocol for mobile client). 
> If the client name that we see in hte apache log  can be 'exported' in  
> the automx.conf  in some 'variable' I can accomplish my goal, or there 
> is another way?

I fear we currently do not have such a functionality. This would require
some kind of user agent mapping, right?

I must think about this. It is not trivial at the moment :)

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