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> Am 13.01.2015 um 23:26 schrieb Patrick Ben Koetter <p at sys4.de>:
> Michael,
> * Michael Köhler <ml_automx at controlc.de>:
>> I want to set up automx on my web server to resolve request for different domains (for example: domain1.com and domain2.com) but I don´t know how I could set it up in apache2? The problem: I only have one ipv4 address - but do I have to configure many ssl certificates or how could I enable automx for many different domains (esp. https for autodiscover.*)?
> that's an interesting question.
> I don't know if clients using autodiscover are able to use Server Name
> Indication, but with one IP and multiple SSL domains SNI is the best way to
> go.

I am not 100% sure, but SNI is a question of the SSL standard. As of TLSv1.1 (?) SNI is built in the SSL library. So if you disable SSLV2, SSLv3 (Poodle-bug, too) and only provide TLS, I think SNI should exist. I guess SNI is from 2007 or so. Old enough to be included ;-)


… Die 2003 definierte Erweiterung (RFC 3546 3.1) ermöglicht es so, die begrenzte Anzahl von IPv4-Adressen besser auszunutzen. Im April 2006 wurde der RFC durch RFC 4366 ersetzt, im Januar 2011 durch RFC 6066….

SNI RFC standard is 12 years old ;-)

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