Way to add mobile sync schema

Achim J. Latz achim+automx at qustodium.net
Thu Oct 4 17:31:33 CEST 2012

Hello Christian:

On 30/09/2012 11:47, Christian Rößner wrote:
> today I started putting this code into automx. There are some things,
> where I need some time to think about it, to make configuration not
> too much complicated. For example the "Culture" parameter. I think
> there is no need for an extra section in automx, as the response
> depends on being subschema "outlook" or "mobile". So even if defining
> parameters at the same place, automx will pick the ones that are
> needed for a valid response. But as said, let me think about this a
> little bit more :)

I am not sure I understand what issue you are describing, but take all 
the time you need ;-) I would even go as far as hardcoding the "culture" 
parameter right now, as I cannot see its importance/relevance in the 
first place.

Best regards, Achim

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