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Am 27.08.2012 um 16:01 schrieb Jeroen Koekkoek:

> My questions:
> 1. Does anyone know about an easier/better solution to my problem?
> 2. If I create a patch that adds this functionality to automx, would you consider pulling it?

we thought about coding a proxy (for SOGo, which also acts as a EXCH in upcoming 2.0 release).

What you can do right now is to add the XML that the Exchange would serve as a file to the file backend.

If you like to do a patch, I will review/modify it and include it into automx. Currently we are really close with the next release of 0.9, which has some code changes inside. So doing a patch right now would need changes for the master branch. If you can do the XML file backend stuff and wait for the next 0.9 release, you are welcome to provide a patch for that release :)

Thank you very much for your feedback

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